Wolters Kluwer

About us

The Wolters Kluwer Group operates in the Portuguese and Spanish market through Wolters Kluwer España, an organisation formed by more than 800 professionals whose mission is to design, create, produce and market integrated solutions comprising information, knowledge, training, publications and software, intended for our customers in the legal, tax, financial, accounting/commercial, human resources, education, public sector and healthcare markets.

We are present throughout the Iberian Peninsula and its Islands, with offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, Seville, Valladolid, A Coruña and Lisbon.

Our extensive product catalogue has been especially designed to provide error-free solutions to all the needs of the most demanding professionals, improving their productivity and managing their daily workload with total reliability in a secure, accurate and precise manner. This makes us the only Company on the national market that can fully satisfy 100% of the requirements of the professionals we service. To achieve this, we have the best technical and human resources and the soundest methodologies and processes, backed by our experience with millions of professionals across the world throughout our history of over 175 years.

Our portfolio includes, among others, printed publications, sophisticated information databases, multi-device digital libraries, on-line training courses and specialised management software. Our product lines and brands, which include A3 Software, La Ley, CISS, El Consultor de los Ayuntamientos, Wolters Kluwer Formación and Bosch, are a guarantee of quality for more than 300,000 customers who place their trust in us every day.

We have an extensive network of over 5,000 experts in the different sectors and an Innovation and Technology team formed by more than 200 professionals, who invest more than 150,000 hours in research and development every year. This ensures that our solutions and products are the most advanced on the market, carefully designed and updated by the best experts in each segment.

All of our processes are ISO 9000 and 14001 certified, and we have also been recognised as a Family Responsible Company (EFR). In addition, Wolters Kluwer España was distinguished as one of the Greatest Places to Work in Spain in the years 2008 and 2009.

Making the right decisions on a daily basis constitutes the real challenge of a professional. A judge, a lawyer, an employment advisor, a doctor, the head teacher of a school, a tax expert, a specialist of the Public Administration or a human resources manager are confronted every day with the risk of making a mistake in their most critical decisions. Our mission is precisely that of providing them all with the tools, solutions and products that enable them to perform their work with accuracy, confidence and total security.